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Our Asphalt Services

If you've noticed a few cracks in your driveway or you're undertaking a new construction project, be sure to call Pate and Sons Sealcoating for your asphalt paving and sealcoating needs! Working with both commercial and residential clients, we can pave and repair driveways and parking lots of any size! Call us today at (318) 789-2375 to learn more about how we can assist you.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt. We see it everywhere. On roads. Parking lots. Driveways. It's a popular material that serves several important purposes that just make our lives easier. As one of the most recycled products in the states, asphalt is surprisingly advantageous for our environment. Cost-effective and long-lasting it makes an ideal candidate for paving common surfaces we see everyday.

At Pate and Sons Sealcoating we've become masters at paving just about anything! Working with a variety of commercial and residential clients throughout West Monroe, LA we pave driveways, parking lots, patios and roads of any scale!


Let's talk about sealcoating. To put in layman's terms, sealcoatings is the icing on the cake when it comes to asphalt. Once you've had a surface paved, you'll want to have it sealcoated as well. As its name infers, sealcoating acts as a sealant providing a protective layer over your asphalt. This coating repels elements like water, oils and U.V. rays that can lead to cracks and general wear on your asphalt. Let our experts here at Pate and Sons Sealcoating help you keep your driveway or parking lot protected with our sealcoating services!

Patch Work

Over time, asphalt surfaces can accumulate cracks, potholes and the like. When that happens, you need an asphalt specialist to come in and take care of the problem for you with patch work. Patching is a technique that repairs these issues and prevents further deterioration from occurring. Depending on the type of crack or hole, there are several patching methods that can be applied including throw-and-roll, semi-permanent patches, spray injection method and full-depth patching.

Whatever your asphalt surface needs to be mended, we can apply the correct patching service to restore it! Call us today at (318) 789-2375 to get an estimate on all of our asphalt services!

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